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  • Ready-to-Go Classroom Libraries

  • Ready-to-Go2 Classroom Libraries

    Ready-to-Go2 Classroom Libraries

  • Ready-to-Go Related Resources

    Ready-to-Go Related Resources

Ready-to-Go Classroom Libraries

  • Favorites Collections motivate and engage readers with award-winning books and best-selling favorites
  • Independent Reading Collections provide students at every level with books they can read with accuracy and success
  • Nonfiction Collections develop essential vocabulary and background knowledge, and serve as a valuable resource for research projects

Each 100-book Collection includes:

  • 85 individual titles
  • 3 award-winning titles (5 copies each)
  • Activity sheets to reinforce reading and writing skills for each multicopy award-winning title
  • Plastic storage bins

Ready-to-Go2 Classroom Libraries

Whether you’re expanding an existing Ready-To-Go classroom library or starting a new one, Ready-to-Go2 collections are a great beginning. Students will dig into reading with a wide variety of genres that contain today’s Favorites, informative Nonfiction, and captivating titles for Independent Reading. No title overlap with original Ready-to-Go libraries.

Each 25-book Collection includes:

  • 20 titles, 1 copy each
  • 1 award-winning title, 5 copies each
  • Activity sheet for multi copy award-winning title
  • Plastic storage bin

Ready-to-Go Related Resources

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