Europe, Middle East, Africa
  • Ages 2 - 5
    Grade K - 2
  • 10 glorious image

    10 glorious, full-color oversized Big Books to engage children and introduce a theme.

  • 120 Paperbacks image

    120 Paperbacks (20 different titles) drawn from Scholastic's choice of award-winning books.

  • Over 20 image

    Over 20 decorations for your classroom to help children learn long after the lesson ends.

  • 4 Flip charts with accompanying music CDs to bring the units alive through song.

  • Digital Teacher

    Digital Teacher Guide packed with class plans and extension activities.

The Ten Units

  • All About Me  
  • Fun with My Friends
  • Colors of the Rainbow
  • Food to Eat
  • Good Manners
  • ABCs Please
  • Animals and Nature
  • Off to Work
  • Ga-Ga Giggles
  • Imagination Exploration


6 copies of 20 different paperbacks

From a story of a giraffe who learns to dance to his own tune through positive words of encouragement in Giraffes Can’t Dance, to a mouse hard at work constructing each letter of the alphabet in Alphabet Under Construction, the paperbacks in Read, Learn, Grow! have been carefully selected to entertain, engage, and inspire.


Over 20 decorations for your classroom

Fill the classroom with additional learning prompts thanks to the fantastic decorations included in Read, Learn, Grow!  The decorations are aligned to themes within the program and include colors and shapes, feelings, alphabet and numbers, and inspirational posters.

4 Large Flip Charts with CDs

Bring themes to life through music and song with the accompanying Flip Charts and CDs. Each theme has at least two songs. They provide a welcome lesson alternative once children have completed some of the reading tasks in the program.


Your comprehensive Digital Teacher Guide

The Digital Teacher Guide is your indispensable resource to lead you through the Read, Learn, Grow! program. It contains a Program Overview, Scope & Sequence, Pacing Guide, Observation Chart, Family Letter, Recommended Floor Plan, and individual Unit Plans. You can download it here.

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